There are a range of ways to engage with the student and graduate populations in the area.  Here, we have listed the main ways to access talent.



Internships are a cost-effective method of employing highly-qualified and motivated people to help with specifics projects or tasks. Interns can bring new ideas and perspectives to the company as well as novel skill sets.  Interns can be students who are currently studying and some graduates, who have completed their studies. 

Have a project idea? Please see our section on how it works or get in touch to discuss how students and grdautes can help your business grow.  

We can provide assistance every step of the way for companies wishing to recruit an intern from help drafting the project specification to support with shortlisting candidates and organising interviews. 

How internships works | FAQs | submit a project idea

Graduate jobs

Our university and college partners are able to advertise to finalists and graduates- submit your vacancy details here.

Full-time student placements

As part of their degree course, many students undertake a year in industry. Sectors and positions vary - undergraduate courses are available across a wide range of areas so students are interested in a diverse array of opportunities. These should be fixed term positions paid at a fair market rate.

Part-time and short term student placements

These are sought by some students who may be required to gain experience in a field related to their course. Placements are usually organised by students themselves or their tutors but employers are always welcome to offer opportunities. Placements range from 3 days to several months and are normally unpaid.

Student volunteering 

There are a range of opportunities for students to volunteer for an organisation or on a project

Part-time jobs for students

If you have a part-time or holiday job to advertise, our university and college partners can reach thousands of students - submit your vacancy details here.



Apprenticeships can also help businesses across all industries by offering a route to harness fresh talent. Apprentices receive on-the-job training leading to nationally recognised qualifications, developed by industry. The length of an apprenticeship varies depending on prior skills levels of the apprentice, the qualification being obtained and industry sector. For more information, please visit the York Apprenticeship Hub.