There are a range of ways to engage with the student and graduate populations in the area including part-time and full-time employment and paid and voluntary placements. One of the most common routes, is through internships.

Internships are a cost-effective method of employing highly-qualified and motivated students or graduates to help with projects or tasks. Interns can bring new ideas and perspectives to the company as well as novel skill sets.

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Your guide to the process of hiring an intern.

We can provide assistance every step of the way for companies considering an internship

 1. Deciding on the project

The first step is to decide what you want to achieve from hiring an intern 

2. Advertising

Once an internship is agreed, we will promote your opportunity across Higher York's partner organisations

3. Shortlisting

We will shortlist the applications and send a list of suitable candidates to you for consideration

4. Interviews

Interviews are arranged and conducted by the business, you then inform us of your decision and provide feedback for unsucessful candidates

5. Paperwork

A start date is agreed between you and the intern, we will then pass you over to the the institution from which the intern comes to fill in all of the relevant paperwork and set up invoice/s for the intern's hours.  Students are paid a training allowance, which is exempt from tax and NI, of approx. £7.20. The cost of a graduate intern is subject to employer's tax and NI.

6. Project completion

See some of the recent success stories from local organisations. 



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